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Going from zero to one.

I’ve been doing these blogs for a while now, and I try to give the best advice I can and provide helpful insight, but my goal through all of this is not to reason perfectly, or even to come across as the foremost expert on being an entrepreneur. My deepest hope is that you would feel inspired to get out there, go all in, and make something happen for yourself.

If there was only one message I could communicate to you, the reader, it’s that all that is stopping you from doing what you want to do, is you.

I had this epiphany when I walked through the doors of the Hub several years ago, and this fundamental realization is what allowed me to step into this life of being an entrepreneur, growing multiple businesses and living life on my own terms. I had to understand that the ball was in my court. My actions, my will, and my drive would get me to my goals. No one was going to make it happen for me, but there was also no one that was going to stop me.

Going from zero to one.

It was the hardest step I ever took. It meant leaving the “security” of a 9 to 5 job, of a steady paycheck, and a clear cut job description for this enigmatic and intimidating world of building a fucking business. It meant that if I didn’t make something happen, I didn’t eat. If I didn’t hustle to get stuff done myself, I wouldn’t make rent. I always find this to be the biggest struggle of people I come across who want to be entrepreneurs.

Sure, you have to be real with your financial situation, but more importantly you are a living breathing human being with dreams that are waiting to come to life themselves. I would challenge you to shift your focus toward being real with who you really are, and who you want to be.

If you’re stuck at a dead end job or if you’re doing something you hate just to pay the bills, as soon as you possibly can stop what you’re doing and go do what you really want to do. Stop selling yourself short, stop underestimating yourself, and take hold of the opportunities in front of you.

And remember that it won’t happen overnight.

Most likely you won’t be able to quit your job tomorrow, start running your own business, and make it successful enough to keep yourself afloat right away. If you’re in that spot financially, then great, go do that now. But most people will have to start preparing themselves by doing research after work, making connections on the weekends, and putting in the hours late at night to get the ball rolling.

Jumping in is a tough pill to swallow. It means taking that risk of potentially putting in a ton of effort, energy, and passion into an endeavor that fails. Just remember that risk of failure is a part of any path to success. Once that pill goes down, it is the best experience you will have. I guarantee you that everyone you’ve ever looked up to and admired has A. started at zero and B. taken risks to get where they are today.

I don’t care if you share this post, comment on it, or like it, I just want you to get something from it and do something with it. If you have an opportunity to make your dream happen, nothing is stopping you except yourself. If you don’t see an opportunity, then go look for one. Whatever you do, don’t settle for doing something other that what you love for the sake of “security”.

Whatever it is that you are passionate about doing, take steps in that direction, and sooner or later the opportunity will come to make that leap.

Take it.

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