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Understand the value of strategic partnerships.

As an entrepreneur it is so crucial to understand the value of strategic partnerships.

As important as it is to play off of your strengths, it is just as important to realize your shortcomings and to understand where the right people can fill in those gaps. This can be difficult for driver-type personalities; which are typically the ones to want to start a business. Confidence and drive will start a business, vulnerability and humility will make it thrive.

It’s also important to realize, as I did recently, that trying to have control over every aspect of your business simply isn’t sustainable, or scalable for that matter. Us as humans can only point our focus in a limited amount of directions at a time. Taking on too much by yourself will leave at least one aspect of your company neglected and malnourished, or will simply leave every aspect being mediocre at best.

As the cliché goes, “jack of all trades, master of none.”

Having multiple masters with refined skills will take a company further than someone who tears himself into a million pieces.

There’s all this pride and sexiness that comes from starting something that is your own creation, but if you’re looking to scale that doesn’t mean that you have to fly solo forever. Recognize the community you have around you and look for opportunities to link arms with the right people. Once you have linked arms with the right people, make sure to nurture those relationships carefully.

These partnerships will make doing business easier for you, will help create further business by allowing the biz dev to actually happen, and will also offer support when you need it.

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