Neural Balance is a clean, delicious drink powder that contains the patented ingredient Anandanol, and supports natural calm and focus, naturals social interaction, and normal sleep patterns.

Neural Balance

Neural Balance needed a scalable marketing and ecommerce system setup to bring their product to market. We successfully executed and grew their direct to consumer online sales from non-existent to barely being able to keep up with demand, and we’re still scaling!

Services We've Provided for Neural Balance

UI/UX Design

We leveraged Facebook, Google, Shopify MailChimp to create a seamless discovery, consideration and purchase experience, with careful consideration to the customer journey through each step.

Video Production

Our services for Neural Balance ranged from testimonials and ad spot production, to strategy behind a live streamed show and podcast.

Paid Acquisition Campaigns

With Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and MailChimp, we’ve been able to drive consistent new business, with low customer acquision costs.

Project Management

Create unique experiences between the customer and the product.