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My thoughts on gratitude and value.

As an entrepreneur, always keep thinking of things you can do to add value to whomever you’re working with.

I’m super bullish on this subject because it just fucking works. Here is a recent example of an experience I had. I was asked to shoot some drone footage of a new BMX track for one of our clients, who contracted my agency for work completely unrelated to aerial video. While we could have asked for compensation for this, as aerial videography is typically a very expensive endeavor, we just went out and did it…  

I’ve always felt there’s a lot of prudence in focusing on putting your best foot forward. This will always put you in a position to succeed. For instance, this experience they had with us actually created future business for us, as they hired us for more video production.

I’m not saying do everything for free. But spec work can lead to lots of real work. Once you’ve added enough value, it will always come back.

Value can come in a number of forms too. It doesn’t always have to be expensive or time consuming. As long as you hold the majority share in the relationship you are holding the leverage.

I think that before you can operate like this, you have to have gratitude. To put it in context, if you even have the opportunity to be an entrepreneur and create a living doing something that you love to do, you’ve already won. You’re ahead of the game.

I’m thankful that I had enough work this week to have 10 to 18 hour days, and I’m thankful that I’m surrounded by enough creative people to go outside and throw water balloons at ourselves and edit it in slow motion to opera music. I’m thankful that I even get to play the game.

It’s all a part of it and you have to be grateful for it.

This will go such a long way for you. Try it.

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