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The importance of prioritizing, and what it can do for your well being.

Guys, it’s time to focus inward.

Let me explain: Take some time to focus on internal processes and work on refining your messaging.

Now to me, this is can be super difficult to achieve, especially in the client services business, where our focus typically lies with making other companies look amazing. I can easily get far too inundated with client work and managing my team that before I know it, another day is over. Sometimes it’s all I can do to pull away from my office or away from the clients and put some effort into working on some creative stuff or to add more interest to our messaging.

In my own struggle to pull this off i’ve actually found that there are many ways to find the time to do this kind of stuff.

All it takes is a little hustle in the priority department.

This is achieved by compartmentalizing certain tasks into different levels of importance. Look, I get it that everyone (especially clients) wants to just get everything done right away, but that just isn’t realistic, let alone scalable. You will always have the high priority tasks, the low priority tasks, and everything else in between. But it pays dividends to be able to place your tasks in their respective silos of priority so you take a certain percentage of your focus away from the myriad of low or even mid level deadlines you may be facing.

Organizing your priorities allows extra time to focus on refining your business, improving your marketing, and making your messaging more creative and clear. It is this sort of internal care that will keep any business venture from becoming stagnant and will propel it further toward further success.

The magic happens when you realize that it’s all just part of the game. Get in the trenches and put the fires out when you need to put the fires out, there will always be fires… Aim for the stars and focus on growing and becoming who you want to be next.

The rest of it is just the in between, the middle, the grey.

We all have it. It’s all part of it, just don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and never stop stargazing.

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