How to improve your marketing

Why a having a solid content marketing strategy is a must in any sales funnel.

A solid content strategy is arguably the best way to make people aware of your brand. Also, sales is about establishing an emotional connection. After all, the way to the wallet is through the heart and it’s hard to pull emotions from an advertisement. So having a way to communicate with people that informs and entertains is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business online. But what does that mean and how do you execute on this? That’s a complex question that has a complex answer but, for the sake of brevity, I will outline some examples. Essentially, this is where you can cast the widest net on how you choose to inform people of your brand. There are many effective ways to use content to create awareness and provide value, from simple blog posts that speak to the interests or emotions of your target audience to video content that entertains people and gives them a little bit of escapism. It’s all up to you on how you want your brand to be represented.

The more you get into the understanding of content marketing, the more you’ll see it’s an investment of compounding returns. This is even more apparent with evergreen content. For example, a fitness supplement brand might post an article or create a video about how to train for your ideal physique. This topic will always be relevant to readers, as opposed to a piece like “workout trends for 2017,” which will fizzle out eventually. The obvious benefits here are being able to drive a never ending stream of traffic to one piece and creating a greater ROI as time passes.

Here are the other over-indexing benefits of a strong content strategy as part of a sales system.

  • Brand Awareness – The more successful your content is, the more people will remember your brand and create positive associations to it. The beautiful thing about using evergreen content as part of a social media sales funnel is the ever-growing social proof that develops over time.
  • Search Engine Optimization – If you’re blogging, then this is a pretty obvious benefit. But a strong and clever plan based on the queries around your industry that have high search volume can turn web surfers into web buyers.
  • Grow Your Customer Base – If your content adds value, then people are likely to enjoy it. If they enjoy it then they are likely to share it and provide that value to other people. An introduction to your brand through a meaningful article, that is shared by a reader to their audience or circle makes a really strong first impression.
  • Relationships with Other Brands – Guest posting, social shares, YouTube collaborations and the like can not only improve your SEO and overall reach, but can establish valuable social proof in the eyes of your customers.
  • Influence Conversions – If people enjoy your content, they will feel a closer bond with the brand, trust you more, and therefore be more open to conversions. Using great content as a cold open to your brand, then following up with a thoughtful call to action is a lot more effective and efficient than coming right out of the gate and asking for the sale. Romance a girl…
  • Loyalty – Great content and continually providing value to your readers, even after they’ve purchased, creates an awesome value exchange. This can help you generate repeat business and even increase the lifetime value of your customers.

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