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Why being too romantic can kill your results.

There’s this old analogy that goes, “fix the plane while you’re flying it.” While taking this literally may not get you hired as an airline pilot anytime soon, the idea fits right in with the modern world of marketing and entrepreneurship.

Let me explain: Something we have to remind our clients when working with them is that we can always go back and change shit. Nothing is set in stone. Wether it’s something on a website once it is launched or in a campaign while it’s running, anything can be updated, especially in the digital landscape. In essence, we build them a plane they can actually fix while flying it.

This all ties into a mindset we have at the Hub that you should never get too romantic with your work. I believe in quality and striving to put out your best work. But on the flipside, I constantly remind my team that the creative is subjective and we can’t afford to become entranced with a project and lose sight of creating a final product that the client is ultimately happy with and effectively creates business for them. So keep the romance at home.

One of the main reasons we are able to churn out so much great work at such a high rate is because we aren’t too romantic about the process, and we aren’t too romantic about the work. We focus on what will get the message out for our clients and create more business for them. We are always trying to play to the market. At that point, we take feedback, digest it, get to understand it, and then pivot or adjust where it’s needed.

Even the artist in me is constantly arguing this with myself, but results are fucking results. I have to remind myself as well.

A philosophy I have always been a practitioner of is marketing in the year you actually live in. It sounds simple enough but it is so vital and so easily lost sight of that it is worth the reminder… and look, that shit is hard too. The landscape is constantly evolving and people are consuming more content than ever. Rising above the noise takes strategy and major consistency.

An example of how we practiced this idea recently was by taking advantage of Facebook’s new live streaming feature. By siphoning our client’s content through Facebook live API, we are able to have their content pop up organically at the top of people’s feeds, creating more exposure, and creating more value for them. #humblebrag

A great reminder of this whole adventure of doing it yourself is this whole concept that when you continually put in the best work you possibly can, that value will always come back to you.

This may not come back right away, which a lot of people can get discouraged with begin to lose touch with that integrity. But just like getting a set of six-pack abs, integrity and creating value takes time and work. Don’t get discouraged, hold on to your integrity as an entrepreneur, and remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Keep playing the long game. When you have an opportunity to provide more value than what you’ve been paid for, do it. It will pay off.

Karma is absolutely real. People see and take notice of consistent excellence.

People want to associate themselves with people of value, and they want to work with people that are valuable.

I’m a big believer in putting people over profit.

When you prioritize people, and when you deliver with quality work, good will always come of it. This doesn’t mean foregoing profit, but rather realizing that delivering actual quality, and putting people first will build longevity and strength of a company. Your bank account will reflect that in time.

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